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Espace ateliers massage et somatothérapie aux Vans

Relaxation and somatotherapy workshop

Trois Jours pour Libérer Votre Puissance Intérieure

In the ceaseless whirl of our modern lives, taking time out to relax and reconnect with ourselves is essential to our well-being. With this in mind, we invite you to take part in our relaxation and somatotherapy workshops, moments dedicated to deep exploration and inner healing.

Workshop introduction:
These 2-day workshops offer an immersion into the world of relaxation and somatotherapy, where you'll discover proven techniques for releasing stress, calming the mind and revitalizing the body. Each workshop is designed to immerse you in a deep sensory and emotional experience, guided by experienced and passionate practitioners.

Workshop schedule :


  1. Welcome and Introduction: We begin with a warm welcome and an introduction to the objectives of the workshop. You'll have the opportunity to connect with other participants and share your expectations for the session.

  2. Relaxation practices: We'll guide you through a series of relaxation practices, including conscious breathing techniques, guided meditation and creative visualization. These exercises will help you calm your mind, reduce stress and cultivate a state of inner calm.

  3. Body Exploration: Through somatotherapy exercises, you'll learn to listen to your body's sensations, release accumulated tension and access buried emotions. You'll discover how the body can be an invaluable guide on your journey towards healing and transformation.

  4. Sharing and integration: After each practice, you'll have the opportunity to share your experiences and feelings with the group. This time of sharing will enable a deep integration of the teachings and discoveries made during the workshop.

Our relaxation and somatotherapy workshops are unique opportunities to offer you a moment of rejuvenation and reflection in a safe and caring environment. Whether you're looking for stress relief, personal exploration or simply a moment for yourself, these workshops will provide you with the tools and teachings you need to nourish your body, mind and soul. Join us on a journey of discovery and inner healing.

Detailed dates and programs for each workshop coming soon

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