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Genosociogram workshop

Welcome to our genosociogram workshop, an exciting exploration of family relationships across the generations. In this space, we delve into the mysteries of our family histories, mapping the emotional ties and intergenerational dynamics that have shaped our lives.

Introduction to the Genosociogram :

The genosociogram is much more than just a family tree. It's a graphic representation that goes beyond simple kinship ties to include the sociological and psychological aspects of the family. By mapping relationships, behavior patterns and significant events, the genosociogram reveals the profound influences that impact our identity and relationships.

Workshop objectives :

  1. Understanding Family Links: Explore connections between family members, including alliances, conflicts and communication patterns.

  2. Identifying Behavioral Patterns: Identify recurring patterns of behavior, such as family roles, conflict resolution patterns and intergenerational transmissions.

  3. Exploring Emotional Dynamics: Examine the underlying emotions that influence family relationships, such as loyalty, guilt, shame and love.

  4. Reflecting on Personal Impact: Become aware of the impact of our family heritage on our own lives, choices and emotional well-being

Workshop procedure :

  1. Introduction and Objectives : Presentation of workshop objectives and guiding principles.

  2. Family Mapping Exercise: Participants are invited to draw their own genosociogram, including family members, relationships and significant events.

  3. Group Sharing: Participants come together to share and discuss their genosociograms, highlighting common themes and differences.

  4. Family Dynamics Analysis: Through guided exercises, participants explore the behavioral and emotional patterns emerging from their genosociograms.

  5. Reflection and Conclusion: Participants reflect on their findings, the implications for their own lives, and possible steps to integrate this knowledge into their personal growth.

The genosociogram workshop is an adventure in personal and interpersonal discovery. By exploring our family roots, we're better equipped to understand our current relationships, heal past wounds and cultivate deeper, more authentic connections with our loved ones. Together, we embark on a journey of self-knowledge and personal transformation.

This workshop is offered as an individual session

An individual genosociogram session adapts to the pace and specific needs of each participant, focusing on personal discoveries and awareness.

The session evolves at your own pace, according to your emotional reactions, discoveries and needs. Moments of awareness are honored and deepened in order to understand and transform limiting or hurtful patterns.

Sometimes, genosociogram accompaniment may require the integration of complementary tools, such as somatotherapy, relaxation or massage. Body tensions and repressed emotions may emerge during the session, and somatotherapy offers a space to release these physical and emotional blockages. By combining genosociogram work with massage or relaxation techniques, participants can deepen their self-understanding and facilitate the healing process.


In short, an individual genosociogram session is a personalized journey of discovery and transformation, guided by the unique needs and pace of the participant.

I offer 3-hour sessions at each of our meetings.
Hourly rate: 20 euros

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