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Les ateliers

massage intuitif les Vans en individuel, duo ou 4 mains

Massage initiation workshop

Are you passionate about massage and want to learn the basics so you can offer your loved ones a moment of relaxation and well-being? Join us for a 4-hour introductory massage workshop!

Atelier "Au delà des peurs"

These 4-hour workshops offer an immersion into the world of relaxation and somatotherapy, where you'll discover proven techniques for releasing stress, calming the mind and revitalizing the body. Each workshop is designed to immerse you in a deep sensory and emotional experience, guided by experienced and passionate practitioners.

Espace atelier massage et somatothérapie aux Vans
Espace atelier massage et somatothérapie aux Vans

Genosociogram workshop

The genosociogram is much more than just a family tree. It's a graphic representation that goes beyond simple kinship ties to include the sociological and psychological aspects of the family. By mapping relationships, behavior patterns and significant events, the genosociogram reveals the profound influences that impact our identity and relationships.

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